Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field of dreams

So, I've officially named my project.  It's still a working title for now, but whatever.  I'm having WAY more luck in getting models for these projects then I am for the fashion stuff.  On one hand, it's easier to find someone that fits the model profile for this project, since there is no profile.  In fashion, you're always looking for the tall skinny girls because that's what the designers design for.  My project has no guidelines, anyone can be a model.

To me, I find it so ironic that we as people take for granted the natural world and consider ourselves to be lords of the earth when in fact we are nothing but a small part.  The series has a certain play on that theme by placing the models in fields but focusing on the surroundings and not on the model.

We are born naked and it is only our distaste for nature, our lust for 'civilization', and our shame of our own self's that we choose to cover up and hide away our true nature.  We are a part of this earth, and we must learn to live in balance with her.

In metaphor I've chosen to place the focus of the imagery on nature, and humanity as a prominent but not key element.  Humanity may be a significant factor, a deadly and destructive factor at that, but in the end, we are nothing more then a footnote on the pages of time.

Whether through our own self infliction or the course of time, earth will prevail long after humanity is gone.  The question is how much are we going to leave behind.