Sunday, June 15, 2008

The path of being a genius

is oft shared with that of being insane.  Case in point...  Ripping apart a 20 dollar plastic toy camera, folding up some paper bellows and rubber banding it all together to a digital camera body.

Not that anyone could ever consider it to be a quality camera or well crafted, but that's a holga for you.  But, anyone one taking it apart and putting the lens onto a camera that costs 75 times as much is shear lunacy.  What do I expect out of this?  Probably not much more then bragging rights.  Lens is crap, the bellows are held on by rubber bands, and the exposure is all over the place.  It was fun and gave me something to do on father's day since no one did anything for me.

edited for posterity, Jonah did call at 9:12 to wish me a happy fathers day