Sunday, March 23, 2008

Picture of the day 23 March 2008

I've been in a funk recently in regards to my photography.  I haven't been finding the time to finish all that I've needed to get done for my class.  Models as they liked to be called keep flaking out, I've been sick, et cetera.  I've shot this whole weekend though, and I'm starting to feel accomplished again.

Shot Friday, stuff didn't quite go how I wanted and ended up spending hours on post on one image.  Shot saturday and the images came back much much better.  Shot this today and must say that it's not often that I am really floored by what I've shot.  There are a few turning points or markers in my path that I recognize as mile stones.  This image, in lack of better words, is simply stunning to me.  To each their own though I guess, it's a love it or leave it kind of image.

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