Sunday, March 30, 2008

Picture of the day 30 March 2008

It's rare that I find so many ironies in life...  I had put up an ad on craigslist looking for some models for my class.  I had been in contact with this girl for about a week, we had tentatively set up a date in the middle of the week to shoot on friday but nothing ever got nailed down.  I send a text to her this morning since today was our fall back day to see if we were still going to shoot.  At first, she texted me back that she had gone out last night and hand a hangover this morning and that she probably wasn't going to do a great job...  I texted back that it was no big deal; I had no pressing reasons to shoot, no deadlines et cetera; so it wasn't a big deal.

A few minutes later I get a text from her.  And here is where it starts to get weird.  See, a few years back I had taken a class at school with this guy named tim who since then has gone on and is working for a company shooting graduations and proms and stuff like that...  Well, a month or so ago I get an email from him asking if I would be interested in shooting with him.  Of course, being as cool as I am I say yes.  Well, flash forward to today and her text; Tim is there with her and says hi!  Of course, I seize on the opportunity to exploit Tim and text her back telling her to tell him to tell her to shoot with me.  YAY, we set up a time for later in the day.

We are shooting and Tim mentions that not only is she a photographer too, but she's also going to be working for him too...  And, to make things even weirder, her and I are probably going to be shooting together in 2 weeks.

Now, my question of the day (along with my picture of the day) is how small exactly is the world?

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